My three years at Tezpur taught me that Bamboo groves are ideal place to search for floral varieties which may not be available in other sites in a particular area. When I reached Cooch Behar in 2005 I started visiting bamboo groves and I found many species of plants which I saw at Tezpur. Of these , I knew identities of some but most others were unknown to me. Once I took a botany teacher of a local school to one such locations just to show him what all are available next to the centre of the town. I requested him to organize trips of students to these sites and familarise them with the flora of the area. That site is barren now. They have removed all the trees and divided the land in to plots for residence. The only tree of Garcinia xanthochymus (TEPOL TENGA of Assam) of the town standing there vanished. Another species which vanished from the area was Alpinia henryi, a species of Caesalpinia. I don’t know the identity of many more. Attaching an image of the present state of that site. Second site is again a Bamboo grove. That area is being cleaned now. This area is still having Alpinia henryi, Morinda sp, Piper longum and other unknown species. Attaching two images of that site. The third site is next to the first site . I am sure it will have the fate of the first site very soon.

Attaching few images of flora available (both known and unknown to me).
Intend to work on few more bamboo groves in the near future.

THREATENED SPECIES OF PLANTS IN BAMBOO GROVE. : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (8)
I used to visit two bamboo groves at a village Takagach ( near Cooch Behar ). Recently I found one grove is already cleaned may be for better use. The other grove is very near to the cleaned one. The days of the second grove is also numbered, The following species are involved.

( a ) A species of fern which climbed some 30 ft with the help of a tree.
( b ) Lasia spinosa
( c ) Lepisenthes fruticosa
( d ) Mallotus philippensis
( e ) Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus
( f ) Piper longum 
and many more

Attaching few images

love your pictures and efforts but hate the idea that it will be cut down!!! Thanks a lot for documenting the different plants that perhaps depend on each other


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