Combretum yunnanense Exell, Sunyatsenia 1: 88 1933. (syn: Combretum griffithii var. yunnanense (Exell) Turland & C. Chen; Combretum wallichii var. yunnanense (Exell) M. Gangopadhyay &
T. Chakrabarty) as per efi thread

Andaman Islands, North-east India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Southern China (Yunnan) as per efi thread



Plant Id from Bangladesh_SM_1428 : 14 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (1)

Habitat: Hill 
Location:  Sangu  Matamuhuri Wildlife Sanctuary 
Picture taken: February, 2019

Combretum sp. to me. Check with Combretum kraussii. 

Closeup image. Attachments (1) – 953 kb

This is COMBRETUM YUNNANENSE Exell of North-east India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Southern China (Yunnan).

Additional distribution, Andaman Islands.

your name is mentioned on the net in relation to this plant. do you have a paper pdf? that you can share here?

Thanks, …, Catalogue of Life mentions it as a syn. of Combretum griffithii var.
(Exell) Turland & C. Chen

Thank you … for your email and pointing out the treatment in the Catalogue of Life. In fact, different authors treated the element differently, and I would follow the treatment by Chakrabarty & Chauhan (2004) who followed and accepted  the treatment of A. W. Exell (Van Steenis, CGGJ (ed.), Flora Malesiana. Series I, Vol. 4(5). Noordhoff-Kolff, NV, Jakarta; 1954. pp. 533–589), widely followed by most subsequent authors.

Please see the attachment.
Attachments (1) – Combretum wallichii and allies.pdf- 964 kb

Bd has C. griffithii, Sun name: C. dasystachtym

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