Amanita citrina Pers., 1797 (syn: Agaricus bulbosus Bull., 1793; Agaricus citrinus Schaeff., 1762 (ambiguous synonym); Agaricus citrinus Schaeff., 1774 (ambiguous synonym); Agaricus mappa Batsch, 1783 (ambiguous synonym); Agaricus mappa Willd., 1787 (ambiguous synonym); Agaricus olivaceus Krombh., 1845; Amanita bulbosa Pers., 1801 ….; Amanita citrina var. alba (Gillet) Rea, 1922 (ambiguous synonym) ……………..; Amanitina citrina (Pers.) E.-J. Gilbert, 1940 ….; Venenarius mappa (Batsch) Murrill, 1948..);       

Colorful litte umbrellas dot our farm trails. Only these are provided by nature.
Pileus Diameter, Shape color, height : 11cms, One of them is Convex, the other
one-  Umbonate, 12cms
Scales darker in the center.
Gill attachment: free, edge denticulate,
Stipe characteristics : White, Brownish,  lateral,
Annual ring: visible
    Chandagal Village

Areca coconut farm
07 Nov 2010 11:59AM


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