Lagurus ovatus L. (Macaronesia, Medit. to Arabian Pen.: Albania, Algeria, Azores, Baleares, Bulgaria, Canary Is., Corse, Cyprus, East Aegean Is., Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Kriti, Krym, Lebanon-Syria, Libya, Madeira, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Sardegna, Saudi Arabia, Sicilia, Spain, Transcaucasus, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkey-in-Europe, Yugoslavia; Introduced into: Alberta, Argentina Northeast, Austria, Brazil South, California, Cape Provinces, Chatham Is., Chile Central, Chile South, Connecticut, Czechoslovakia, Ecuador, Florida, Germany, Great Britain, Jawa, Mexico Southwest, New Jersey, New Mexico, New South Wales, New Zealand North, New Zealand South, Norfolk Is., North Carolina, Northern Provinces, Ontario, Oregon, Primorye, Queensland, Québec, South Australia, Tasmania, Uruguay, Victoria, West Himalaya, Western Australia as per POWO)



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