Strobilanthes glutinosa Nees as per efi thread and IPNI;
I hope that this is Strobilanthes glutinosus
Would appreciate a confirmation
These photographs were taken in the second week of march in the himachali foothills near a place called chakki mor which is just beyond Parwanoo

Yes, it is Strobilanthes glutinosus


Habitat: mountain slope
Habit: herb, about 1 m high
; not sure what can be seen in the main photo (cropped from one below)
… could it be just leaves budding ?

Your first photograph had completely confused me, and it looked like a Drosera, but on seeing second and third photograph, I propose Strobilanthes glutinosa. Fflowers would help further.

There was no flowering … The nature of plant attracted me.
We have: Strobilanthes glutinosus Nees OR
Strobilanthes glutinosa J.Graham

Strobilanthes glutinosa Nees seems to be logical
1. ending -es of the generic name signifying feminine gender
2. Nees (1832) as against Graham (1839)

Many thanks … Will go with the probable ID as Strobilanthes glutinosa Nees.
Next trip hoping to find it flowering.

ACANTHACEAE FORTNIGHT:: Strobilanthes sp. from Dalhousie:: NS MARCH 52/52 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)
Please suggest specific id for this Strobilanthes, recorded from Dalhousie..

I think this is Strobilanthes glutinosa – I am not quite sure from the photograph..
It is winter flowering. When was the photo taken?

Thanks … This was recorded in the month of November, thus winter flowering.. unfortunately I do not have more pics to supplement


Strobilanthus dalhousieanus/ABJAN02 : 15 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
These bluebells are everywhere sharing our slopes with Yellow Flax (much fewer). They have characteristic dark purple veins. Please advise if I am wrong.
Dalhousie Bluebells (Strobilanthus dalhousieanus)
Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
01 January, 2015

very nice

Earlier in August I had posted another Strobilanthus, S. atropurpureus from here. I am posting it again with S. dalhousieanus for comparison. These are the two bluebells we have appearing at different times of the year.
S. dalhousieanus, lighter in colour with striped buds. Very abundant now. Photographed today. 3 images.
S. atropurpureus, much deeper purple with even darker buds (no stripes). Photographed in August 2015. 1 image.


Thank you … Looking up the meaning of plietesial, I learned a lot of new stuff. I will keep a watch on both the Strobilanthus species here.
A paper suggests that the name Nilgiri Hills was derived from the blooms of S. kunthiana.

Thanks, … Pl. also check: Strobilanthes glutinosus Nees

Thank you for pointing me to it … I will collect a sample and consult my reference material when I reach home this evening. A quick look on my phone showed that they are indeed very similar looking and need further investigation.

This is Strobilanthes glutinosa, which is a winter flowering species coming into flower about now.
Strobilanthes penstemonoides var dalhousieana is a late summer flowerer (August to October) and has flowers in small heads.

Thank you … for clearing my doubt. The flowers I posted have been blooming for more than a month now. The mature leaves are on long stalks and are occasionally unequal at the base. The stalks are slightly winged at the base of the leaf.
I am posting additional pictures of a sample I collected this afternoon for additional confirmation.. The weather is bad today, forcing me to photograph these indoors.
6 images.

It should be Strobilanthes glutinosus

great details to clarify the diagnosis and this is what i missed … your openness and willingness to explore and do it so well


Aechmanthera, Barleria or Strobilanthes… Kalatope Al031812: No images seen now.

Passing by the dam I took some photographs randomly of a flower I thought to be Barleria… later I realised I had made a mistake.. Please help me identify this flower…
Location Kalatope, Chamba
Altitude 1200 mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild
Height 2 feet (approx)
Season March

Strobilanthes sp. I think… but I don’t know if it is the same as the Strobilanthes penstemonoides dalhousieana which is found here in the monsoons (July – August) …!!

This should be Strobilanthes glutinosus

This is not Barleria. But it looks like Strobilanthes gluttinosus which flowers March and blooms every year whereas Many Strobilanthes species booms with the intervals of more than five years. and it is found above 1100m. and can be seen nearby the conrner of roadside vegetation of shady and moist places.


Strobilanthes glutinosus Nees: 11 very high resolution images.

Location: Chandragiri
Date: 31 January 2021
Altitude: 1700m.
Habitat : Wild

I agree that this is Strobilanthes glutinosa. It is a winter flowering species (December to February or March) with characteristic pale blue flowers. I attach a paper I wrote about a year ago which is now slightly out o date thanks to the collections you and La Dorchee Sherpa have made.
1 pdf- Strobilanthes glutinosa curt.12323.pdf

Plants of Uttarakhand – NSD 2- Strobilanthes glutinosus: 2 images
I have posted a plant as Strobilanthes glutinosus, but as per the document provided by … that plant looks different, but my this plant looks very close to Strobilanthes glutinosus,
Pic taken from Chamoli, Uttarakhand. March 2017. Experts please comment.

ID is correct for me. However, we wait for comments from … !

March seems to be late flowering !

This looks as if it is Strobilanthes glutinosa Nees



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