Litsea chartacea Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 5: 170 1886. (syn: Malapoenna chartacea (Wall. ex Nees) Kuntze; Tetranthera chartacea Wall.; Tetranthera chartacea var. nervosa Meissn);
N-India, Sikkim, Nepal, Bhutan, Assam, Vietnam as per Catalogue of Life;

Identification confirmation: 4 images.
Kindly help in Id confirmation for this plant which commonly occurs in chir pine forest and to the warm broadleaf forest. I have doubts about Damburneya coriacea. Please clear my doubt here.

The mentioned species does not have distribution in the area as per POWO.

Maybe some Litsea species. Pl. check.


Thank all for response.

I have  crosscheck with the Litsea sp which we have in Bhutan Flora list but does not match to any of the the Listea. Can i have List of Litsea species for India, nepal, China and others.  Sometime it look like Neolitsea pallens
any comment.

I will check the list of Litsea. But what would be your idea on Species

When and where was it clicked?
As the list of Litsea species in Bhutan is quite big, can you send species found in the specific area, where it was clicked?

Also tell us: was it a small tree or a large one?

Likely to be Litsea chartacea Hook.f. as per details in Flora of Bhutan and POWO specimen.

Thank u so much I will check it for sure

I could not found any photos to compare the Litsea chartacea with my photos

Thank you for confirmation.