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is it Premna mucronata? because it is purchased by our students. kindly confirm 

May I know the location and habitat ?

sir it is Govt. Ayurved College Udaipur Rajasthan

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Location:-  Bilikere

Could be Premna sp, Lamiaceae,

Don’t you have any other images ?
Pl. check comparative images at Premna
May be Premna serratifolia L. as it is cultivated. But can not be confirmed with this image.

Black fruit juice like ink:
A shrub, 1-2 m tall. If pressed, the fruit juice is bluish black like ink. Low land plant. Id is requested.

It resembles Premna, espl. P. serratifolia.

Thank you very much.

Premna serrata


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Request ID of this plant please, seen at Sagar upvan on 10 Nov. 09.
Sort of pungent smell, glabrous, whitish behind, leaves abruptly acute. The bark had lenticles.

On first look, the pictures remind me Premna (latifolia or serratifolia?) but not for sure. As you know we need more details to id perfectly.

Thank you … for the lead with such few details available.

Yes, you’re right …,
It’s Premna serratifolia,