Hedyotis eualata (Gamble) A.N.Henry & Subr., Proc. Indian Acad. Sci., B 76: 28 1972. (syn: Oldenlandia eualata Gamble);

India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala) as per WCSP


Please help me for the identification of some Hedyotis species collected recently from grasslands in Kerala, above an altitude of 2100m.

This may be Hedyotis eualata var agstyamalyana?

Thanks, …, for the id.
To me also appears close to high resolution specimens of Hedyotis eualata at GBIF 1  GBIF 2 
Do not know about the variety.

Which is tentatively identified as Hedyotis eualata var. agasthyamalayana


Catalogue of Life  WCSP  Encyclopedia of Life  The Plant List Ver. 1.1 (Hedyotis eualata (Gamble) A.N.Henry & Subr.)  GBIF 1 (High resolution specimens)  GBIF 2  India Biodiversity Portal

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