Hedyotis indirae  Prabhukumar, Konickal Mambetta; Aiswarya, Pilathottathil; Jagadeesan, Raveendran; Kumar, Vannaratta Veettil Naveen; Sunil, Chandrasseril Narayanan; Hareesh, Vadakoot Sankaran  Webbia August 2019;



Nilgiris: Rubiaceae for identification 301112MK03: Please help me to identify this shrub found in the grasslands of Nilgiris, TN. The shrub height was about 1.5 feet. Could this be Rubiaceae?
Leaf: 5 x 2 cm; glabrous and leathery texture
Flower: 1 x 0.7 cm
Date: 22 Oct 2012
Place: Western Catchment, Nilgiris, TN

Alt.: 2300 m asl

Hedyotis indirae ??

Thanks, Saroj ji.
Yes, it may be either Hedyotis indirae(published by Prabhu Kumar ji) as per details herein or Hedyotis beddomei Hook.f. as per GBIF– Specimen.

I think … can confirm.

Appears close to Hedyotis indirae than to H. beddomei

Yes, looks different from Hedyotis beddomei Hook.f. as per
May be Hedyotis indirae only as per (though I could not see the original publication)
I think H.indirae has pubescent leaves and mine are glabrous.

I hope other aspects are Ok?


Please help me for the identification of some Hedyotis species collected recently from grasslands in Kerala, above an altitude of 2100m.

May be Hedyotis hirsuttissima

Thanks, …, for the id.

I think appears close to Hedyotis hirsutissima as per high resolution specimens at GBIF

This is Hedyotis indirae.

My new species recently published in webbia.


This plant was posted by Prabhu Kumar ji in 2013 and published as a new species by him in 2019 as per details at Hedyotis indirae.

thanks … Congratulations to all who have been contributing the forum.

Hearty congratulations to Prabhu Kumar ji and to his team !!

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It was posted by Muthu ji at Nilgiris: Rubiaceae for identification 301112MK03 in 2012.
I think it is Hedyotis indirae only as per (though I could not see the original publication)

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Webbia (Abstract- Hedyotis indirae, a new shrubby species of Rubiaceae from Muthikulam forest of Palakkad district, Kerala is described and illustrated here. The species shows similarities with its closely allied taxa H. hirsutissima and H. beddomei, but differs in many qualitative attributes. Detailed description, phenology and distribution notes are provided along with photographs)