Gagea fragifera (Vill.) E.Bayer & G.López (syn: Gagea anisanthos K.Koch; Gagea brentae Evers; Gagea emarginata Kar. & Kir.; Gagea erubescens (Besser) Schult. & Schult.f.; Gagea fistulosa var. acutipetala A.Terracc.; Gagea fistulosa var. alpina A.Terracc.; Gagea fistulosa var. angustifolia A.Terracc.; Gagea fistulosa subsp. decandolleana Pascher; Gagea fistulosa var. dyris Maire; Gagea fistulosa var. foliosa A.Terracc.; Gagea fistulosa var. fragerifera (Vill.) A.Terracc.; Gagea fistulosa var. grandiflora A.Terracc.; Gagea fistulosa subsp. liotardii Maire; Gagea fistulosa var. spathacea A.Terracc.; Gagea intermedia Schltdl. ex Rchb.; Gagea lasczinskyi Zolot.; Gagea liotardii Schult. & Schult.f., nom. superfl.; Gagea liotardii subsp. erubescens (Besser) Nyman; Gagea liotardii var. fragerifera (Vill.) Schult. & Schult.f., not validly publ.; Gagea lutea var. brentae Evers; Gagea minima subsp. intermedia (Schltdl. ex Rchb.) Nyman; Gagea mirabilis Grossh.; Gagea samojedorum Grossh.; Gagea saxatilis Boreau ex Nyman, not validly publ.; Gagea turcomanica Popov; Ornithogalum erubescens Besser; Ornithogalum fistulosum subsp. ramondi Gaudin; Ornithogalum fistulosum subsp. subalpinum Gaudin; Ornithogalum fragiferum Vill.; Ornithogalum liotardii Sternb., nom. superfl.; Ornithoxanthum liotardii Link, nom. superfl.; Stellaster liotardii Kuntze, nom. superfl.);
Afghanistan; Altay; Austria; Bulgaria; Corse; East European Russia; France; Germany; Greece; Iran; Iraq; Italy; Kazakhstan; Kirgizstan; Krym; Lebanon-Syria; Mongolia; Morocco; North Caucasus; North European Russi; Romania; Sardegna; Sicilia; Spain; Switzerland; Tadzhikistan; Transcaucasus; Turkey; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; Uzbekistan; West Himalaya; West Siberia; Xinjiang as per Catalogue of life;


Gagea lutea from Paddar valley J&K:  2 correct images.

Sharing an early spring flower of W-Himalayas
Bot. name: Gagea lutea
Family: Liliaceae.
Location: Paddar valley J&K
Altitude: 2000 to 3500 meters asl
Flowering: April-May 

For 1st and 3r images, keys in flora of Pakistan lead me to Gagea liotardii (Sternb.) Schult. et Schult. f.
Pl. see high resolution specimen in GBIF
Also check with images in Wikimedia Commons.

2nd image is different.


438 ID wild plant: 9 high res. images.
Please ID wild plant,
Location: bloomed in The HIMALAYAS at Gulmarg Jammu & Kashmir INDIA
Altitude: 8620fsl
Flower date: 12APR2023, 06.45pm
Habitat: wild snowy grassland windy hill
Plant habit: small shrub, erect, unbranched, non stemmed, annual
Height: 15
Leaves: alternate, lengthy, obtuse acute, soft fleshy, size:15×1cm
Flower: axillary racemose, diameter:05cm, yellow, non fragrant
Camera: CANON EOS1500D +FL10x

Gagea bulbifera (Pall.) Salisb.!

Thank you very much for ID my plant. I think it is more close to Gagea fragifera. Sharing an image.

Yes, appears more close to images at


J&K, Gulmarg, April 2023 :: Gagea fragifera for confirmation :: ARK2023-012: 3 heic high res. images.

These yellow flowers were captured at Gulmarg, J&K in April 2023.
Again, these are similar to the ones posted by … a few days ago here
Requested to please confirm.

I am unable to open these images. May I request you to post JPEG images.

JPG images attached
3 high res. images.

This is Gagea …, G. lutea or other species.

Possibly G.lutea

Yes, appears more close to images at

This does look like Gagea fragifera rather than Gagea lutea. Gagea fragifera is distributed in Kashmir too.

Yes, more closer to images at


456 ID wild plant Gagea: 10 high res. images.
Please ID wild plant,
Location: bloomed in The HIMALAYAS at Sonamarg Jammu & Kashmir INDIA
Altitude: 8600fsl
Flower date: 13APR2023, 01.40pm
Habitat: wild moisture snowy meadows
Plant habit: small herb, erect unbranched, weak pseudo stem, perennial
Height: 10cm
Leaves: alternate, lengthy, curved, soft smooth fleshy, hairy margins size:12×1cm
Flower: axillary buds, 05 petals, diameter:05cm, yellow, non fragrant

Camera: CANON EOS1500D +FL10x

Looks more like Gagea lutea !

Thank you very much dear Mahadeswara ji for ID my plant, but doesn’t match it’s anthers.

Sharing collage of 03 Gagea sps. for comparing anther variations.

a ID#457
b ID#456
c ID#438 Gagea fragifera

I think may be

What about the anther difference, is it occurs commonly?

Difficult to say for me.

Maybe at different points of time.


Catalogue of Life  high resolution specimen  GBIF (High resolution specimens)  flora of Pakistan  Wikimedia Commons  Wikipedia  

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