Argyreia climber from South Goa : 02Jun19 : VK : 10 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (3)
Please help me Id
Habitat: scrub forest

Place: South Goa

Date: 02 June 2019

Any flower, fruit ?

Pl. try at 

I don’t have a flower and fruit photo sir.

Looks like Argyreia nervosa (based on leaves). Nevertheless, the ID cannot be confirmed un less otherwise the flowers & fruits are examined.

also the fuzz? I cant see it on the leaves. is it fuzzy because of fuzz or is it fuzzy because its not completely in focus???? cant make up my mind. its perhaps not in focus. also the abaxial side of the leaves should be somewhat silvery in color, was it?
documented it?

Very pertinent points raised by … need to be examined by … to get the correct ID!

Why do you post such small images as nobody can see much details ?
Pl. post min. 800 by 600 pixel images.
Pl. also check with Argyreia cymosa (Roxb.) Sweet, as you only can see larger details.