Peristylus aristatus Lindl. : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)- around 1100 kb each.

Location: Nagarkot,  Kathmandu
Date: 03 August  2019
Elevation: 2041 m.
Habit : Wild 

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You mean not sure without flowering ?

Appears close as per other observations at Peristylus aristatus

This genus is not that easy. I think its better to post pics of open flower unless he has already seen the flowers in past.

I don’t see a reason why this cant be P. lacertifer or P. tentaculatus?

Please take a look at the spur on the link. They don’t match to this plant. Peristylus aristatus

Keeping patience always helps.

Same sp. identified earlier from the same location. I shall try to visit the location
once again if I can find some flowering!
Cant confirm. The spur is different from Peristylus aristatus. Leaves are also not clustered together but can be just due to the habitat.