Pancratium zeylanicum L., Sp. Pl. 290 1753. (syn: Pancratium tiariflorum Salisb.; Pancratium uniflorum Stokes) ?;
Laccadive Is. to Malesia as per WCSP;
Borneo; India; Jawa; Laccadive Is.; Maldives; Maluku; Philippines; Sri Lanka;
as per Catalogue of Life;



Flora of Orissa:  kindly conform the identity of Pancratium parvum.

Place of collection: Karlapat sanctuary, Kalahandi, Orissa
Date of collection:6/6/2009
Habit: Perrenial herb
Habitat: Terrestrial, growing after forest fire and first mansoon rain
Height of the plant: 30-40cm
Flowering: May-june

Please note the difference in the staminal cup between this plant and P. parvum (IDd recently in a post). This plant has a open larger cup with bifid teeth between long stamens which places this as P. triflorum. P. parvum has short, closed staminal cup and filaments are barely longer than the cup. However I am not familiar with flora of orissa to rule out any other species.

Looks different from other images at Pancratium triflorum

Pancratium zeylanicum ?? 

pic of leaves and face of flower would have helped, even back then when … first submitted it



  1. Shanthi priya Article Author

    Dear respected sir /madam ,I’m shanthi priya research scholar department of botany I have one doubts Can you tell me for which disease it is used pancratium zeylanicum .I have searched all over google and many journal about this plant but I have not found any information .