Garden plant seen in the park with tiny white flowers.

you saw this today?

I’m currently in Bangalore, so unlikely to see some flowers in New York today.

I have visited New York just once during June, 2017.
Have tried to mention in most of the posts.
I must have inadvertently skipped mentioning it.

good. how’s the weather in Bangalore. while you are there please try and find a few plants for me… photograph I mean.
avocadoes, night blooming cereus in peoples yards not lal bagh

Weather is fine, mostly cloudy, at times sunny. Occasional showers.
Can’t promise about photographing people’s yards, since I hardly know anyone here.

both tend to be over the hedges or the walls. so just a thought in case you see some while walking etc

I have Night Blooming Cereus in my home garden at Nasik.
Have posted on our group before as ‘Flora Picture of the Year’ in 2015.

I wanted to see if they would flower now.

I have several print pictures of it in my dining room table in the eastern seaboard, but not in india.
we don’t get them in flower shows either in 24 paraganas

was this a herb, shrub, small tree, tree, what

Muntingia ??

Primulaceae member,
Could be Embelia tsjeriam-cottam,

Thanks. It doesn’t look like your suggested id.

Does not look like Embelia tsjeriam-cottam !

Please compare with the link intensively,
https://sites.google.com/site/efloraofindia/species/m—z/po/primulaceae/embelia/embelia-tsjeriam-cottam ,
I hope that is only if not wait for experts comments,

Thanks, … But looks different.

Between the two choices Embelia tsjeriam-cottam, seems better choice, flowers are too small for Muntingia

Embelia sp.,