Iris ensata Thunb., Trans. Linn. Soc. London 2: 328 1794. (syn: Iris doniana Spach; Iris ensata f. alba Y.N.Lee, no type indicated; Iris ensata var. hortensis (Maxim.) Makino & Nemoto; Iris ensata var. pabularia (Naudin ex Ermens) Wittm.; Iris ensata var. spontanea (Makino) Nakai ex Makino & Nemoto; Iris graminea Thunb., nom. illeg. (ambiguous synonym); Iris kaempferi Siebold ex Lem.; Iris kaempferi var. hortensis (Maxim.) Makino; Iris kaempferi var. spontanea Makino; Iris laevigata var. hortensis Maxim.; Iris laevigata var. kaempferi (Siebold ex Lem.) Maxim.; Iris longifolia Royle ex D.Don, nom. illeg.; Iris pabularia Naudin ex Ermens; Iris smithii Lynch, pro syn.; Joniris doniana (Spach) Klatt; Joniris longifolia Klatt; Limniris ensata (Thunb.) Rodion.; Xiphion donianum (Spach) Alef.);    
Amur; Assam; China North-Central; China Southeast; Japan; Kazakhstan;
Khabarovsk; Korea; Manchuria; Maryland; Ontario; Pennsylvania; Primorye; Rhode
I.; Vermont; Virginia; West Himalaya; Yakutskiya
as per Catalogue of Life;
SE. Siberia to Japan as per WCSP;


Iris Species for ID : New Jersey : 15SEP19 : AK-03 : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)
Iris Species seen in New Jersey in June,2017.

A cultivated, garden plant.

Thanks a lot. Your suggested id seems to be correct.

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