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i’m mailing from Chennai. I would like your help in identifying a tree that i saw in Chennai. The photo is attached below.

Image is not clear for id.
Pl. send detailed images with close ups.

It seems to be Ficus benjamina, ornamental Ficus.

do you have picture of the whole tree or plant? and tree trunk and the bark?

Ficus benjamina is an introduced ornamental shrub or tree, bark smooth, leaves glabrous and acuminate.

I know all that. I have owned several over the decades, some small, some large.
BUT…. I want to see what she saw, when someone submits a case, what they need to photograph, not just submit one photo.
I hope you will help me promote a healthy citizen scientist habit among our members.

I too agree with …, 
we need to follow rules and regulations and at the same time if not possible to submit that much information experts will do with single photo et al. exactly,

we still have to hear from the original questioner