Ficus cordata Thunb. ;



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I have attached an image of a Ficus, whether it’s Ficus cordata or any other sps?.  Kindly help me 

Please post Location, elevation, date, habitat, close up images of fruit/flower, leaf abaxial/adaxial, stipule, stem etc. 

I agree with … suggestion. This would help in proper ID

yes. i must add, i cant enlarge this picture to look at details.
The format you must follow for submission of cases for id had been sent to you by whoever approved your membership in the welcoming email.
please follow that rule to the T.

Kindly see the requested details and attached fotos 
Location: Al Bukayiriyah, Al Qassim,  Saudi Arabia 
Elevation : 668 M
Date 20 .11. 2019
Habitat : Garden
I hope these will be enough to help me

I think looks different from images of Ficus cordata at

Thanks, I’ll check them out. 

Catalogue of life gives three subspecies.
Ficus cordata subsp. salicifolia (Vahl) C. C. Berg is having distribution in Saudi Arabia.
Pl. check.

Ok, I will check. 

As far I observed the suggested names, but which are entirely different from what I have here  and  it is very common in Middle East gardens…

What I understood, 
  1. It is an African Origin plant
  2. It shows resemblance with F.cordata, F.cordata subsp. salicifolia

Here attached are some from KEW botanical web …. So confusing…..

Some more 

OK, …

What is wrong with Ficus amplissima ? It can not be F. cordata for lack of cordate base. 

Ok, I will check. 

Herbarium catalogue.. collected from Tamilnadu

Pl. also check with images at Ficus amplissima, as suggested by …

I checked with the suggestion, but not yet satisfied to solve the confusion…. so now I feel somewhere in between cordata or salicifolia or amplissima or any other to come out or it might could be a New !!!!!!!!!!

As per morphological characters and Flora of Africa & Checklist of Flora of Saudi Arabia, this should be Ficus cordata Thunb. (Most common Ficus used for bonsai and avenue plantation).

Ok noted …. but no valid supported documents to confirm….. or other wise something other not yet published!!!!





Ficus For ID : 181113 : AK-1 : Attachments (5).  2 posts by 2 authors.
Saw this Ficus tree with fruits in a garden in Muscat, in June 2011.

Kindly help in id.

Pl. check with images at Ficus amplissima Sm.!topic/indiantreepix/iLA-2dehbYM
This is Ficus cordata Thunb., very close to F. amplissima in morphology.



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