Ilex wightiana Wall. ex Wight, Icon. Pl. Ind. Orient. 4: t. 1216 1848. (syn:

India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu) as per Catalogue of Life;




Tree for identification :: Nilgiris :: MK JUN-001 2016 : 8 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7)

Please help me identifying this tree species found in montane evergreen forests of Nilgiris. Could this be any Symplocaceae?
Leaf: 5-8 cm long
Alt.: 2100 m asl
Location: near Pykara, Nilgiris, TN
Date: 23 April 2016

the photos are not clear to identify

May I request you to pl. post a few large size clear photos for proper Id.

I am sorry for the poor photographs; photos from Nikon L830 are rendered very bad when resized. Also I cannot send full size photographs to group; so sending separately. Please help me identify with these photographs.
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It is a species of Viburnum; probably Viburnum acuminatum as per FPM (since fruit is not there and no close up image I am not sure of species; we have collected it from noth circars, it is rare here, but common in Nilagiri area)

Ilex wightiana

Thank you. I will correct my id

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