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Enclosing some pictures for identification shot at Nagarkot, Nepal on 8 July 2016 at 7000 ft.

This is from Vitaceae..

Wild guess Leea coccinea ‘Rubra’   ???

Tetrastigma serrulatum ??

Location : Sairep, S.Mizoram

Altitude : ca. 1,450 m
Date : 08-06-2016
Habit : Climbing shrub
Habitat : Wild

Tetrastigma rumicispermum (M. A. Lawson) Planch. ??

What are the species reported from your area?
It may be Tetrastigma rumicispermum as suggested by …

Tetrastigma angustifolia, T.bracteolatum, T.campylocarpum, T.dubium, T.leucostaphylum, T.obovatum, T.obtectum, T.rumicispermum & T.serrulatum are recorded in Mizoram

Any keys, …?

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Appears close to Tetrastigma rumicispermum, but shape of the fruits is creating some doubts in my mind compared to those in GBIF specimens-  Specimen 1specimen 2specimen 3


  1. robertmanfred

    I came to your site because different types of tetrastigma are indicated whether it is possible to get semen
    because I am looking for seeds of tetrastigma worldwide
    i’m a botanist
    Kind regards

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