Need ID of this Yellow Flower Plant : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)

This tiny yellow flower was photographed around Lonavala.
It grows in abundance during the monsoons.
Is it Wedelia urticaefolia?
This one has 12 petals so I am not sure.
Senecio bombayensis?
or Dyssodia tenuifolia?

Date, elevation, habitat image and other parts of sp. like leaf abaxial, adaxial, stem etc is expected for proper ID.

With this image, both Wedelia urticifolia and Senecio tenuifolius are possible.

But number or petals? In Senecio tenuifolius  it seems to be around consistently 5.
With Wedelia urticifolia  it seems to be consistently 8.

Pl. see images at Wedelia urticifolia and Senecio tenuifolius 

Send the photographs as suggested by … for proper ID.


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