Lycianthes macrodon (Wall. ex Nees) Bitter (syn: Lycianthes biflora subsp. macrodon (Wall. ex Nees) D.B.Deb; Solanum macrodon Wall. ex Nees (ambiguous synonym));
China (Yunnan), Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Thailand,
Darjeeling, Sikkim
as per Catalogue of Life;
Common name: Long-Teeth Nightshade


MS March, 2020/17 Lycianthes neesiana ? : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1) – 2 mb.
Location : Sairep, Mizoram

Altitude : ca 1,400 m
Date : 22-09-2016
Habit : Shrub, 1-1.5 m tall
Habitat : Wild
Mizo : Vani-an

Please check Lycianthes biflora (Lour.) Bitter  ! 

Thanks, …  I think it is Lycianthes macrodon as per keys from Flora of Bhutan at Lycianthes and as per keys from Flora of Mizoram as posted by you in your another thread and as per


MS, Dec.,2023/01 Herb for id: 2 images.
Location : Hmuifang tlang, Mizoram

Altitude : ca 1,600 m
Date : 19-12-2023
Habit : Herb
Habitat : Wild

Please check Lycianthes macrodon (Wall. ex Nees) Bitter !

Yes, as per images at