Dactylicapnos odontocarpa Lidén, Nordic J. Bot. 28: 658 2010. ;

E-Nepal, Sikkim as per Catalogue of Life;



D. odontocarpa : 1 post by 1 author. 1 image-1.5 mb. Attachments (1)- Dactylicapnos macrocapnos complex.PDF. 

There is a species very closely related to D. macrocapnos (C Nepal and further West), D. odontocarpa known from East Nepal and Sikkim (one collection from Lachung, Gammie, CAL).

I think the second photo batch you are showing could be this latter species (fruit with obtusely denticulate margin, and in particular seeds much smaller). It is not clear to me from where the photos are. Please see attached paper.