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Please help me to identify this tree found on roadside. Is this any Diospyros sp.?
The tree was about 5m high and the bark is pale-coloured shown at the right-end of the second picture.
Habitat: semi-evergreen forest
Date: 11 Oct 2013
Alt.: 900 m asl
Place: KMTR, Tirunelveli, TN

Is it Randia?

Can this be any Euphorbiaceae?

… Any sp. of Pittosporum ?

I am also of the same opinion of …

Pittosporum tetraspermum Wight & Arn. ?

May be Pittosporum neelgherrense Wight & Arn. (GBIF) or Pittosporum tetraspermum Wight & Arn. (GBIF).
Pl. check.

May I request you to pl. post high resolution images to see more details.

these are the high res pics I have.
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I feel it may not be Pittosporum.

The fruit has a striking resemblance with that of Actephila excelsa but leaf features dont match very well.
Muthu, can you please send a full res picture or any other pictures if you have of this plant?

Thanks, … Yes, looks different from Actephila excelsa

The fruits are reminding me of Glochidion zeylanicum.

The leaves are not matching. This should be some other family.