Dalzellia ceylanica (Gardner) Wight, Icon. Pl. Ind. Orient. 5: 34 1852. (syn: Dalzellia foliosa Wight; Dalzellia lawii Wight; Dalzellia pedunculosa Wight; Lawia dalzellia Kuntze; Lawia foliosa (Wight) Kuntze; Lawia longipes Tul.; Lawia pedunculosus (Wight) Kuntze; Lawia pulchella Tul.; Lawia zeylanica (Gardn.) Tul.; Mnianthus longipes (Tul.) Walp.; Mnianthus pulchellus (Tul.) Walp.; Mnianthus zeylanicus (Gardn.) Walp.; Terniola foliosa (Wight) Wedd.; Terniola lawii (Wight) Wedd.; Terniola longipes (Tul.) Tul.; Terniola pedunculosa (Wight) Wedd.; Terniola pulchella (Tul.) Tul.; Terniola zeylanica (Gardn.) Tul.; Tristicha ceylanica Gardn.; Tulasnea ceylanica (Gardn.) Wight; Tulasnea foliosa Wight; Tulasnea lawii Wight; Tulasnea pedunculosa Wight; Tulasnea zeylanica (Gardn.) Wedd.);     
Sri Lanka, SW-India as per Catalogue of Life;


Pls ID this moss like plant found on rocks in streams in western ghats. Is it Lawia zeylanica?

Very nice picture, … Did you mean Dalzellia zeylanica? It does look like that. Lawia zeylanica is an unresolved name at ‘theplantlist’.
Surprisingly ‘theplantlist’ doesn’t include Indotristicha tirunelveliana.

Yes, I too think that it is Dalzellia gracilis, a species described from Kerala during 2001.

The type locality is close to my House, Urulanthanni (Pooyamkutty).

I too have got pictures of this species recently from the type locality.
Please find attached herewith the original description.
Attachments (1)- 1 mb- Dalzellia gracilis A New Species of Podostemaceae (Tristichoideae) from Kerala, India.pdf

I think it should be Dalzellia ceylanica as per keys in the attached publication.



Dalzellia ceylanica images : 11 posts by 1 author. 11 images- 3 to 7 mb each.

Sent by Siddarth Machado ji as per details below:
Please find images of Dalzellia ceylanica attached. Observations made in Dakshin Kannada and Hasan Districts in Karnataka along Yetthinahole and Netravathi
I am attaching them one by one. 




Dalzellia ceylanica (Podostemaceae) : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)

Dalzellia ceylanica (Podostemaceae)  

Tungareshwar wildlife sanctuary, Thane, Maharashtra
29 Feb 2020


Dalzellia ceylanica (Podostemaceae)

Gupt bhimashankar, Bhimashankar, Pune dist, Maharashtra
3 March 2020
Attachments (7)




Dalzellia ceylanica : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)

Dalzellia ceylanica (Podostemaceae)

Sakharpa, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Oct 31, 2017



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