Garcinia intermedia (Pittier) Hammel, Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 76: 927 1989. (syn: Calophyllum edule Seem.; Rheedia edulis (Seem.) Planch. & Triana; Rheedia intermedia Pittier; Rheedia tonduziana Engl.) as per POWO;
Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico (Chiapas, Colima, Guerrero, Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit, Oaxaca, Puebla, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Veracruz) as per Catalogue of Life;


Please ID the Garcenia species. Photos received from Chennai.

Was it cultivated ?

Pl. check comparative images at Garcinia

… has identified it as Garcenia morella in a personal communication to me when I referred this to her. Sorry. I missed out sending the ID to you, as I had completely forgotten about this plant.

is it Garcinia morella

Thanks, … Was it cultivated or wild ?

Cultivated. It is also used as a root stock for the Garcenia cambogia. The plant was obtained in Kerala & planted in Tamil Nadu.

Shape and length of the pedicel, is creating doubt to me as per images and references at Garcinia morella

Thanks … Please suggest your ID, which can be taken as final.

based on leaf structure I have identified as G.morella, in the absence of flower and mature fruit 

I accept the ID suggested by …

Garcinia intermedia?

Id by … appears to be correct as per


Swamy/New series/ID/11 – ID of the tree – Garcinia intermedia ???: 7 images.
Kindly examine the photos and confirm the ID or suggest a new ID. The tree has been photographed on the outskirts of Chennai.

Looks matching but does it have distribution in India ? Cultivated ?

1. Thanks for the confirmation.

2. Yes. It is a cultivated variety largely grown in Kerala and sold in nurseries: Plenty.



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