Garcinia pushpangadaniana T. Sabu, N. Mohanan, Krishnaraj & Shareef, Phytotaxa 116: 52 (2013) ;
SW India as per POWO;

India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu) as per Catalogue of Life;



Garcinia pushpangadaniana : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2) – around 800 kb each.

Garcinia pushpangadaniana  T.Sabu, N.Mohanan, Krishnaraj & Shareef (CLUSIACEAE)

Photo from Kadalar Forest, Munnar.



Garcinia pushapangadaniana Sabu & al. : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (1)- 4 mb.

Garcinia pushapangadaniana Sabu & al. (CLUSIACEAE)

Photo from Kadalar, Munnar, Kerala



Garcinia pushpangadaniana (Clusiaceae), a new species from the southern Western Ghats, India – Thygarajan Sabu Narayanan Nair Mohanan  Krishnaraj M.V  Muhammed Shareef-  Phytotaxa 116(2):51-56, July 2013
Diversity of Garcinia species in the Western Ghats (pdf): JNTBGRI- Diversity of Garcinia species in the Western Ghats: Phytochemical Perspective- P. S. Shameer, K. B. Rameshkumar and N. Mohanan,

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