Eugenia macrosepala Duthie, Fl. Brit. India 2: 501 1879.;
Distribution: Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka; c.1000 m as per Revision of Eugenia in India (pdf): The genus Eugenia L. (Myrtaceae) in India- Shareef S M* & E S Santhosh Kumar- PLANT SCIENCE TODAY, 2020 Vol 7(3): 360–370;

Duthie ; leaves petioled ovate or oblong-lanceo¬late subacute at the base obtusely acuminate or sometimes rounded at each end coriaceous, flowers lateral from leafless axils sessile solitary or in pairs each with 2 linear pilose bracts equalling or exceeding the calyx-tube, calyx-lobes 4 long narrowly lanceolate acute exceeding the obtuse petals.

Stocks. Upper branches stout, terete or compressed at the nodes ; bark brownish. Leaves 3-4.1/2 by 1.1/2-1.3/4 in., shining a little above and of a reddish tinge ; nerves inconspicuous above, slender but prominent beneath uniting within the margin. Calyx-lobes clothed with long spreading white hairs. Petals ovate, pilose at the back and ciliate at the margin. Staminiferous disk not so broad and square as in E. elliptica, Lam.
(The Flora of British India by J.D.Hooker as per IBIS Flora)




Combretaceae and Myrtaceae Fortnight: Myrtaceae-Eugenia macrosepala at Goa -PKA-DEC48:: : 2 posts by 2 authors.
Seen this small Tree en route “Minapi water falls, Goa”.
Bot. name: Eugenia macrosepala
Family: Myrtaceae

Wow indeed macro sepals. Nicely captured!

nice and you nailed the diagnostic feature

do you have pictures of fruits from any other year or other trees?

Eugenia macrosepala Duthie is a syn. of Eugenia roxburghii DC. as per Catalogue of Life and your post does not matches with other images at Eugenia roxburghii

It is E roxburghii. I was accompanying … then to Mainapi Falls.

Thanks, … But to me these do not match with other images at Eugenia roxburghii

Looks matching

This is Eugenia macrosepala, was previously under E.bracteata, but now it has been segregated out to a distinct species in our recent paper (Shareef & Santhosh 2020, The genus Eugenia L in India). 

We have recently separated Eugenia macrosepala Duthie from Eugenia roxburghi DC. and  reinstated its status. The image attachments are of E. macrosepala.

Eugenia roxburghii in FOI : 2 posts by 2 authors.

Thanks …, Shrikant Ingalhalikar had identified it as Eugenia macrosepala, but because of the misleading synonymy, I had put it as Eugenia roxburghii. 


Revision of Eugenia in India (pdf): The genus Eugenia L. (Myrtaceae) in India- Shareef S M* & E S Santhosh Kumar- PLANT SCIENCE TODAY, 2020 Vol 7(3): 360–370 (Abstract- This paper provides a comprehensive taxonomic account of the genus Eugenia L. occurring in India. A total of 25 species and two varieties have been enumerated, of which 21 taxa are endemic to the Western Ghats. Eugenia macrosepala, an endemic species of the Western Ghats is reinstated here. Each species is provided with a short description, well known synonyms, types, distribution and phenology. An identification key is also provided)
POWO (Eugenia roxburghii DC.) Catalogue of Life (Eugenia roxburghii DC.) The Plant List Ver.1.1  IPNI  Flora of peninsular India India Biodiversity Portal  IBIS Flora (FBI) Biotik  GBIF (Eugenia roxburghii DC.)