Eugenia terpnophylla var. keralensis Shareef, E. S. S. Kumar &
P. E. Roy, Nordic J. Bot. 29: 455 (2011);
Kerala as per Catalogue of Life;



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Eugenia terpnophylla var. keralensis Shareef & al. (MYRTACEAE)

Photo from Mooozhiyar, Kerala



Eugenia terpnophylla var. keralensis var. nov. (Myrtaceae) from Kerala, India (pdf) Muhammed Shareef, Santhosh Kumar E.S. & P. E. Roy- Nordic Journal of Botany 29(4):455 – 457, June 2011 (Abstract- The new variety Eugenia terpnophylla Thw. viz. var. keralensis S. M. Shareef, E. S. Santhosh Kumar et Roy is described and illustrated from Kerala, India. It differs from the typical variety by its narrowly or broadly elliptic leaves with more numerous lateral nerves, sub-orbicular petals and ellipsoidal fruits)