Byttneria pilosa Roxb., Fl. Ind. 2: 381 1824. (syn: Ayenia indica Christenh. & Byng;  Byttneria elegans Ridl.; Byttneria velutina Wall.; Chaetaea pilosa (Roxb.) Adelb.; Commersonia pilosa G. Don);  

China (Yunnan), Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Java, India, Myanmar [Burma],
peninsular Malaysia (Perak, Pahang), India (Darjeeling, Assam, Meghalaya,
Manipur), Sikkim, Bangladesh
as per Catalogue of Life;

It’s not B. pilosa, if you sure it’s Bytteneria, check with B. andamanensis,

Might be you’re right …, 

I was little bit confused

Thanks, …, for validation.
I was also confused by the hairiness of the petiole and pedicles depicted in FOC illustration.
But it is OK as per close scrutiny of low resolution images and GBIFspecimens 1 and specimen 2, from the nearby areas.

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