Antidesma keralense Chakrab. & M.Gangop., J. Econ. Taxon. Bot. 24: 23 2000. (syn:

India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu) as per POWO;

Shrubs, ca 3 m high, entirely glabrous; branchlets greyish or pale brownish, terete, 2-4 mm thick. Leaves alternate, 7-13 x 2.5 – 5 cm, elliptic to oblong-elliptic, acute or sometimes rounded at base, caudate or acuminate at apex, coriaceous, reddish-brown or dark brown or often greenish- brown above when dry, coppery or pale brown beneath; midrib shallowly channelled above, raised beneath; lateral nerves 8-12 pairs, slender, faint or prominent above, conspicuous beneath, straight to arcuate; tertiary nerves faint above, conspicuous beneath, reticulate; nervules prominent beneath; petioles 5-10 x 1-2 mm, channelled above. Infructescences axillary, simple, 5-16 cm long; rachis adpressed yellow-puberulous to glabrous, ca 1 mm thick at base; fruits obliquely ovoid-ellipsoid, compressed, 9-11 x 6-7 mm, black-brown when dry, alveolate; pedicels ca 1 mm long; style subterminal.

Flowering and fruiting: -May
Evergreen forests
Southern Western Ghats (Kerala)
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi as per India Biodiversity Portal)



Antidesma keralense photos : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)- around 2 mb each. 

I attached 4 images of Antidesma keralense Chakrab.& M.Gangop. (Euphorbiaceae) gathered from Chemunji hills, Agashyamala for the use of  efloraindia.



Extended distribution and floral description of Antidesma keralense Chakrab. & M. Gangop. (EUPHORBIACEAE) – an endemic edible fruit species of the southern Western Ghats– (pdf)- S.M. Shareef, T. Shaju & A.R. Sivu- International Journal of Advanced Research (2015), Volume 3, Issue 7, 930-933(Abstract- Antidesma keralense Chakrab.& M. Gangop, is an endemic species of the southern Western Ghats. The paper discusses the rediscovery, recollection and extended distribution of the species with illustration and photographs)