Dendrobium wattii (Hook.f.) Rchb.f., Gard. Chron. III, 4: 725 1888. (syn: Callista wattii (Hook.f.) KuntzeDendrobium cariniferum var. wattii Hook.f.; Dendrobium congianum Aver.Dendrobium evrardii Gagnep.Dendrobium vocongii Schettler & D.M.Pham);
Assam to China (S. Yunnan) and Indo-China: Assam, China South-Central, India, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam as per POWO;


Dendrobium longicornu Lindl. : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Sharing some pictures of Dendrobium longicornu Lindl. shot today (17.9.16) in Kathmandu Nepal at 4500 ft.

Is it new to efi?

Yes, … It’s new to efi.

I will call this Dendrobium wattii!

Dendrobium longicornu Lindl. : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (8) – around 600 kb each.
Location: Nagarkot, Nepal  
Date: 27 October 2018
Elevation: 7000 ft.
Habit : Wild

I will call this Dendrobium wattii!
Dendrobium longicornu Lindl. : 17 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (1) – 7 mb.
Location: Nagarkot, Nepal
Date: 24 October 2019
Elevation: 2060m.
Habit : Wild
I love this habitat !

Attachments (1) – 7 mb.

I will call this Dendrobium wattii.

Location: Dhap, Chisapani, Kathmandu
Date: 30 September  2019
Elevation: 2103 m.
Habit : Wild
Attachments (3) – 2, 2 & 3 mb.

Attachments (1) – 7 mb.


Dendrobium longicornu Lindl. : 2 very high resolution images.

Location: Kathmandu Valley
Date:  October 2020 
Elevation: 2400m.
Habitat  : Wild

I am sorry but I don’t think this is Dendrobium longicornu. That’s the problem with google identification.

The group is not very easy and there are so many names already that I have been trying hard to merge them into one-another, but sitting in Hong Kong, I don’t get enough samples to do so.
I cant confirm but to me this looks like Dendrobium wattii. I am sure I have made mistakes in identification earlier, if not then I am lucky!!
2 attachments.

I am confused now … So far only one sp. is listed in Nepal and images from the net does not look like matching with D. watti.

That’s the problem, you are looking on google and not at the right place. If you wish to be an expert of the subject then start looking at the right place.
I attached the image of the type of longicornu above, does it match with your so-called longicornu? You can see on the type the front lobe of labellum is not a separate roundish structure as in your plant, but wattii has.
I also attached the image of a type of wattii, yes it doesn’t really match for one big reason, the frills of the front of the labellum of type are broken, it was there, I have seen the specimen myself in London. Same was written by Gunnar Seidenfaden when he revised the Dendrobiums.
Wattii is known from China and Assam so obviously it may not be hard to have it in Nepal.
I have Raskoti’s orchids of Nepal and the plant in it is also misidentified I think

Dendrobium longicornu

Here is what I call a true longicornu.

Another image posted by …, if you have not seen this already.

no this is not longicornu either.

I need to go to the site again to collect sp. for preparing document.

You are so eager to publish that I don’t even understand if you understood the issue here.
But anyways, best of luck.

Thanks, … I think it may be true for all the posts at Dendrobium longicornu

I will call this Dendrobium wattii.


SK 2851 23 November 2020 – Orchidaceae : 7 very high resolution images.

Location: Kathmandu Valley
Date:  November 2020 
Elevation: 2000m.
Habitat  : Wild
Which Dendrobium is this ??

I still consider these D. wattii.
Nepal is supposed to have true longicornu too, if someone can find it. That’s the best way to publish.

This is from another location, Nagarkot which is about  50 km. away from earlier location which was from Chandragiri.

Should we take all posts at Dendrobium longicornu ? as D. wattii?

Give me some time, I will have a look at them one by one. I don’t know how many of them are there!

Dendrobium longicornu Lindl.

This has been identified as D. wattii by …

But it is more close to D. longicornu than D. wattii as per the floral characters.
I would like to see some more supportive information for this.


SK 3144 16 November 2021: 10 very high res. images.

Location: Shivapuri. Kathmandu
Altitude: 1950m.
Date: 10 November 2021 

Habit : Wild

Dendrobium sps

In the past there was some confusion about D. longicornu and Dendrobium wattii,

As such, I tried to dissect it to my knowledge and posted it to find its real ID.

Let us keep it as Dendrobium wattii, for the time being.



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