Zimbabwe to S. Africa: Botswana, Cape Provinces, Free State, Namibia, Northern Provinces, Zimbabwe as per POWO;
Nemesia fruticans (Thunb.) Benth.
Common name: Cape snapdragon
Cultivar: ‘Blue Bird’
The species typically is a perennial herb, but often cultivated as annual, flowers are characterised by yellow protuberance in the throat, are typically mauve, but this cultivar ‘Blue Bird’ has blue flower often flushed with light blue.
Photographed from Fremont, California, 11-11-2017


Nemesia fruticans ‘Aromance Pink’ 
Another cultivar of Nemesia fruticans with sweet-scented, pink colored flowers.
Photographed from San Francisco Botanical Garden, California, 21-10-2017

Linaria bipartita (Vent) Willd., Enum. pl. 2:640. 1809

Common name: cloven-lip toadflax 

Annual ornamental herb up to 35 cm tall with linear 10-14 mm long leaves and violet-purple flowers in terminal spike-like racemes; palate orange, upper lip deeply 2-parted, with long curved spur.

Photographed from California.

Looks different from Linaria bipartita as per GBIF.

you are right it can’t be L. bipartita because pedicels, sepals and bracts are all glandular (all glabrous in L. bipartita)
Should be L. maroccana (infl. open, flowers few, sepals lanceolate), in other species L. pinifolia infl. is very dense, flowers smaller and sepals broadly ovate

I think it is not even L. maroccana as spur is much shorter, it is one and a half times as long as corolla in that species.

I hope Nemesia fruticans ‘Blue Bird’


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