Celastrus paniculatus subsp. aggregatus ?;


04012013GS2: Tree from Kashmir for ID: Small tree photographed from Kashmir University Botanical Garden, on 19-5-2012, alt. 1600 m. Please help in ID.

Any chances of Celastrus paniculatus?, I will check habit in next visit.

Certainly not Celastrus paniculata!

I thought c. paniculatus was a vine?

Yes …, it is. I will have to recheck its habit of this plant in next visit.

May be I estimated it wrongly, or this is some other plant.

This is actually Celastrus only.

Attaching a close-up of C.paniculata flower and habit. It is distinctly a shrubby climber in Uttarakhand.

Celastrus paniculatus looks close.

Celastrus paniculatus subsp. aggregatus may be possible due to short inflorescence. Not Celastrus paniculatus Willd.

OK …!



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