Anigozanthos ‘Big Red’;

Anigozanthos ‘Big Red’ from California-GS16012021-1

Anigozanthos ‘Big Red’ 
Red Kangaroo Paw
Cultivar with red stems and red fuzzy flowers,
from Regan Nursery, Fremont, 26-5-2019.

flora-Australia-7: Id pl.-A shrub in the front yard of the cottage garden,

I got the id of the same- Anigozanthus rufus or known as Kangaroo paw, F-Haemodoraceae.
It is bird attracting flower, endemic to the south west of western Australia.
flower resembles kangaroo paw.

Kangaroo paw… what an apt name..
and strange looking

A beautiful flower indeed.
I remember observing similar plant in San Francisco bot. garden in Australia section. Will share it in a separate thread.

It can be Anigozanthos flavidus or some cultivar of Anigozanthos also, as per POWO 1 (Anigozanthos flavidus Redouté) and POWO 2 (Anigozanthos rufus Labill.).
I tried but could not find the difference between Anigozanthos flavidus and A.rufus.
Anigozanthos ‘Big Red’

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