Rubus lineatus Reinw., Bijdr. Fl. Ned. Ind.: 1108 (1826) (syn: Rubus mollis Jungh. ex Miq.; Rubus trifoliatus Noronha);
Nepal to S. Central China and W. & S. Malesia: Assam, Borneo, China South-Central, East Himalaya, Jawa, Lesser Sunda Is., Myanmar, Nepal, Sumatera, Tibet, Vietnam as per POWO;

Reinw. in Blume Bijd. 1108 ; eglandular, prickles 0 or few small scattered, leaflets 3 or 5 elliptic oblong or lanceolate ciliate-serrate caudate-acuminate, beneath with many straight nerves and dense silky silvery tomentum, calyx-lobes ovate acuminate silky. Miquel Fl. Ind. Bat. i. part i. 378. R. pulcherrimus, Hook. Ic. Pl. t. 729-730.—Rubus Sp., Clarke in Journ. Linn. Soc. xv. 141.

SIKKIM HIMALAYAS, alt. 6-9,000 ft.—DISTRIB. Java.

A strong suberect herb ; branches softly pubescent, young silky ; prickles when present straight. Leaflets 3 or 5, 4-5 by 1/2-2.1/2 in., subsessile, coriaceous, acuminate or cuneate at the base, often doubly-serrate, upper surface glabrous ribbed, under shining with 20-30 straight nerves on each side, one to every tooth ; petiole 1-2 in., pubescent ; stipules 3/4-1/2 in., membranous, ovate-oblong, obtuse, entire, glabrate. Flowers in axillary short heads and terminal elongate silvery panicles, 2/3-1 in. diam. ; bracts large, concave, orbicular, membranous. Petals obovate, shorter than the calyx, white. Drupes numerous, small, red, stone rugose.—Very variable in the size of the flowers and breadth of the leaflets.

(Attributions- IBIS Flora (FBI))

ID Request
4 high resolution images.

I would like to know the ID of this Rosaceae please..
Location – Khaunglanphu, Northern Myanmar

Altitude – 1480 m

It is a Rubus sp.

Rubus lineatus Reinw.

ID Request/Cnfrm 2 -North Bengal flower- 29May09 – indiantreepix | Google Groups:
is the flower wild strawberry? And the fruit wild raspberry? Both taken in Neora Valley.

second Rubus. sp.

Red fruit image is Rubus lineatus Reinw.

Yes, possible as per images at



Prickly like Rosa:
A shrub 2.5 m tall, prickly like Rosa. West slope of Mt Slamet Central Java, the dry area. Could you ID this please. Thank you.

I have found the answer. It is Rubus lineatus – Reinw. ex Blume.
Please validate.

Rubus for sure

tell me though how did you get the id??
did it fruit and develop the tell tale red berries???

I ‘ve got some other images with the yellow berries. Then I checked it in a book “Mountain Plants of Java?” (I forgot the tittle). And that’s it.

Please see if this Rubus splendidissimus Hara

Yes, this appears close to image and references at


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