Dimocarpus longan ?


1803011-PR For ID- Chennai:  There were two of these tall trees with drooping branches at the
Theosophical Society in Chennai.
As there were no flowers or fruit, I am sending several pics of the leaves.

Pictures TS 006,007 and 008  are those of Pongamia pinnata.

Pictures TS 006, 007, 008 are of Pterocarpus indicus Willd.

Last 3 fotos look like some Pterocarpus (may be P. santalinus) and first 4 fotos look like some Sapindaceae member

I think the the last three pics are not P.santalinus; but looks more like Pongamia pinnata.

Last 3 pictures are of Pongamia pinnata 

Agree with the earlier comments.

First 4 pictures – Leaves are distinctly longer, and there is a copper-tint to young leaves.

Last 3 pictures – Definitely looks like Pongamia Pinnata

1st 4 pictures appear close to Dimocarpus longan as per images and details herein. 

The comparative images do not support the ID by you.
It could be a member of Meliaceae.

First 4 pictures Dimocarpus longan by …, not supported by … who thinks it as Meliaceae member

Last three images Pongamia pinnata according to both …