Pinus contorta Douglas ex Loudon, Arbor. Frutic. Brit. 4: 2292 1838. (syn: Pinus bolanderi Parl.; Pinus contorta subsp. bolanderi (Parl.) Critchf.; Pinus contorta var. bolanderi (Parl.) Koehne; Pinus inops Bong.);
Subarctic America to Mexico (N. Baja California): Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Idaho, Mexico Northwest, Montana, Nevada, Northwest Territorie, Oregon, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Yukon; Introduced into: Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, New South Wales, Norway, Romania, Sweden as per POWO;

Pinus contorta from California-GS26022021-5
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Pinus contorta Douglas

Common names: Lodgepole pine, Twisted pine

Tree from Western North America with two needles per cluster and 3-7 cm long female cones with prickles on scales. Photographed from Tahoe, California, 7-8-2017.




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