Lithocarpus elegans (Blume) Hatus. ex Soepadmo, Reinwardtia 8: 236 1970. (syn: Arcaula spicata Raf.; Lithocarpus collettii (King ex Hook.f.) A.Camus; Lithocarpus elegans var. collettii (King ex Hook.f.) H.B.Naithani & S.N.Biswas; Lithocarpus finetii (Hickel & A.Camus) A.Camus; Lithocarpus gelinicus C.C.Huang & Y.T.Chang, nom. illeg.; Lithocarpus gracilipes C.C.Huang & Y.T.Chang; Lithocarpus grandifolius (D.Don) S.N.Biswas; Lithocarpus intermedius Barnett; Lithocarpus microcalyx (Korth.) A.Camus; Lithocarpus rhioensis (Hance) A.Camus; Lithocarpus spicatus Rehder & E.H.Wilson; Lithocarpus spicatus var. collettii (King ex Hook.f.) Hand.-Mazz.; Lithocarpus spicatus var. elegans (Blume) A.Camus; Lithocarpus spicatus var. glaberrimus (Blume) A.Camus; Lithocarpus spicatus var. gracilipes (Miq.) A.Camus; Lithocarpus spicatus var. placentarius (Blume) A.Camus; Lithocarpus spicatus var. poilaneana A.Camus; Lithocarpus spicatus var. polycarpus A.Camus; Lithocarpus spicatus var. typica A.Camus, not validly publ.; Pasania finetii Hickel & A.Camus; Pasania mixta (A.DC.) Oerst.; Pasania placentaria (Blume) Oerst.; Pasania pseudomolucca (Morales ex A.DC.) Oerst.; Pasania spicata Oerst.; Quercus anceps Korth.; Quercus arcaula var. microcalyx (Korth.) Blume; Quercus arcaula var. racemosa Blume; Quercus arcola Buch.-Ham. ex Wall., nom. nud.; Quercus depressa Blume; Quercus elegans Blume; Quercus glaberrima Blume; Quercus gracilipes Miq.; Quercus grandifolia D.Don; Quercus hystrix var. longispica Gamble; Quercus microcalyx Korth.; Quercus mixta A.DC.; Quercus placentaria Blume; Quercus pseudomolucca Morales ex A.DC.; Quercus racemosa Jack, nom. illeg.; Quercus rhioensis Hance; Quercus sphacelata Blume; Quercus spicata Sm., nom. illeg.; Quercus spicata var. collettii King ex Hook.f.; Quercus spicata var. depressa (Blume) King; Quercus spicata var. glaberrima (Blume) A.DC.; Quercus spicata var. gracilipes (Miq.) A.DC.; Quercus spicata var. latifolia Scheff.; Quercus spicata var. microcalyx (Korth.) Miq.; Quercus spicata var. placentaria (Blume) Miq.; Quercus spicata var. racemosa Miq.; Quercus squamata Roxb.; Synaedrys pseudomolucca (Morales ex A.DC.) Koidz.; Synaedrys spicata Koidz.);
E. Himalaya to S. Central China and Malesia: Assam, Bangladesh, Borneo, Cambodia, China South-Central, East Himalaya, Jawa, Laos, Malaya, Myanmar, Nepal, Sulawesi, Sumatera, Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam as per POWO;

Trees 10-15 m tall, glabrous except for inflorescences. Petiole 5-10 mm; leaf blade obovate, oblanceolate, or sometimes oblong, 15-40 × 5-15 cm, leathery to rigidly papery, concolorous, base often oblique and ± auriculate, subrounded, or rarely cuneate, margin entire, apex acute; secondary veins 13-20 on each side of midvein, fusing near margin; tertiary veins abaxially conspicuous. Male inflorescences usually solitary, occasionally 3-many in a panicle; rachis tomentose with short hairs, rarely glabrescent. Female inflorescences terminal, usually in pairs, to 20 cm; rachis base 1-1.6 cm thick; cupules in clusters of 3-5, usually 1 or 2 developed. Cupule cupular, ca. 2.6 cm in diam., enclosing 1/3-2/3 of nut, wall to 4 mm near base and woody; basal bracts often connate into horizontal ridges, broadly ovate to broadly rhomboid, puberulent. Nut depressed globose, 1.5-2.2 × 2-2.6 cm, apex flat and ± concave or rarely rounded and pointed, wall 1.5-2 mm thick; scar 1.6-2 cm in diam., concave but center sometimes convex.
Broad-leaved evergreen forests; 600-1900 m.
(Attributions- Compiled from secondary sources listed in references by Kishor Deka for the Assam Biodiversity Portal project as per India Biodiversity Portal)

Lithocarpus elegans (Blume) Hatus. ex Soepadmo: 2 very high resolution images.

Location: Godawari, Lalitpur
Date: 11 March 2021
Altitude: 1600m.
Habitat : Wild


MS,Oct, 2021/11 Lithocarpus sp. for id: 3 images.
Location : Tan tlang
Altitude : c.1,850
Date : 05-10-2018
Habit : Tree
Habitat : Wild

Lithocarpus dealbatus (Hook.f. & Thomson ex Miq.) Rehder ?

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Going by the keys, it is Lithocarpus elegans



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