Albizia chinensis ?;


Albizia sp. : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3) me to identify Albizia sp.
At Phansad WLS , Maharashtra

Likely to be Albizia chinensis

The photo of the leaf is rupturing when enlarged, thereby the essential features are not available.

We have to see whether the midvein of leaflets are running along margin or away from margin. In the first case, yes it is Albizia chinensis.

I think Albizia julibrissin Durazz as stamen colour is pink as per keys at Flora of China.

Albizia chinensis to me

What are the keys in Flora of Maharashtra ?

The Flora books are not with me at the moment.
You may see the description of Albizia chinensis in Flora of Karnataka online.

It does not say anything about the stamen colour.


Albizia amara:  No images seen now.

Is it Albizia amara

Large tree, Height 20-30 m

Habitat :semi evergreen forest

At Phansad WLS,Maharshtra


This is not Albizia amara.
Either A.chinensis or A. julibrism.

this is not A. amara. The stipules are large which point towards A. chinensis; also the heads are in panicles.