Torilis arvensis (Hudson) Link ?;
Europe to Central Asia and Pakistan, Macaronesia, N. Africa as per POWO;

Torilis arvensis from Kashmir-GS10042021-1: 3 images.

Torilis arvensis Huds
Similar to T. japonica in habit but much more slender, rays fewer, involcre bracts usually absent, rarely up to 3, spines less sharply curved, ribs less prominent.
Photographed from Tapiana, Sialkot near Baramulla, Kashmir, alt. 1800 m, 27-7-2011. 
T. leptophylla, also lacking involucre bracts has much longer straight spines on fruits.

This species is neither reported in eflora nor in POWO.
However, CoL shows distribution of Torilis arvensis subsp. neglecta (Spreng.) Thell. in NW Himalaya (POWO treats many of its synonyms under Torilis arvensis Huds).
Also not listed in Flora of India as per details at Torilis

Here is 1988 paper




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