Miliusa codonantha Chaowasku, June 2013 Willdenowia 43(1):101-105;
East Himalaya as per POWO;
Common name: Bellflower Miliusa

TQ-Manipur10 – Unidentified tree from Manipur: 4 images.

A tree found near a waterfall in Manipur. Found flowering in early April.
Elevation 700-900 m above sea level.
Any clue to identity is welcome.

please check the following 3 URLs for any probability –
Plant illustration 1
Plant illustration 2
Plant illustration 3

Yes, it’s possible

Thanks … for the lead. The sepals (if they are really sepals) of my plant are quite large compared to what I see in the drawings in your links. But let me follow this lead and explore.

I think it is Miliusa codonantha, a species described in 2013. I am attaching a picture from the original paper, and another images of my plant. There (open access) paper is here:
1 image.

The plant in the pictures looks in general like Miliusa codonantha I described, but the sepals seem slightly larger. Have you counted the number of stamens and carpels per flower? This can help confirmation if it is M. codonantha.


Request identification of a wild vine from Manipur:
Please help identify this attached flowering woody vine imaged at Manipur?

Can you post a high res. image and side view of the flowers?

Unfortunately this was a one time click while my friend was trekking to Siducharu falls in Manipur.
Google images shows a strong resemblance to Eunonymus occidentalis? Could it be Eunonymous species local to India such as Eunonymus assamicus? Unable to locate it’s picture though.

Does not look like Euonymus

Any other photos??

May I request you to pl. post the high res. image.

This was a quick capture during a trek. Will need to revisit and click a better resolution image.

This is Miliusa codonantha

Thanks a lot for this.
It appears to be newly discovered in 2011!
Found the discovery report here
More images here :


POWO  Flowers of India
Miliusa codonantha (Annonaceae), a new species from the Indian eastern Himalaya, with a new combination, M. dioeca