Miliusa codonantha Chaowasku, June 2013 Willdenowia 43(1):101-105;
East Himalaya as per POWO;
Common name: Bellflower Miliusa

TQ-Manipur10 – Unidentified tree from Manipur: 4 images.

A tree found near a waterfall in Manipur. Found flowering in early April.
Elevation 700-900 m above sea level.

Any clue to identity is welcome.

please check the following 3 URLs for any probability –
Plant illustration 1
Plant illustration 2
Plant illustration 3

Yes, it’s possible

Thanks … for the lead. The sepals (if they are really sepals) of my plant are quite large compared to what I see in the drawings in your links. But let me follow this lead and explore.

I think it is Miliusa codonantha, a species described in 2013. I am attaching a picture from the original paper, and another images of my plant. There (open access) paper is here:
1 image.

The plant in the pictures looks in general like Miliusa codonantha I described, but the sepals seem slightly larger. Have you counted the number of stamens and carpels per flower? This can help confirmation if it is M. codonantha.


References: POWO  Flowers of India
Miliusa codonantha (Annonaceae), a new species from the Indian eastern Himalaya, with a new combination, M. dioeca

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