Embelia frondosa (King ex Gamble) D. G. Long, Edinburgh J. Bot. 56: 307 1999. (syn: Embelia gamblei Kurz ex C.B.Clarke; Ribesiodes gamblei (Kurz ex C.B.Clarke) Kuntze; Samara frondosa King ex Gamble);
E. Himalaya to China (Yunnan) and Myanmar: Assam, China South-Central, East Himalaya, Myanmar, Tibet as per POWO;

from Pakke-Kessang district Arunachal pradesh.: 1 high resolution image.
Primulaceae member,
Embelia sp.

Thanks for identification sir. But this plant not matched with Embelia sp. It may belongs to Myrsinaceae (now primulaceae) kindly help in identification.

Embelia tsjeriam-cottam

The picture does not match with the ones on the NET ???

Please check the probability of Embelia vestita Roxb. – POWO

Another probability, might be Embelia gamblei Kurz ex C.B.Clarke (E. frondosa (King ex Gamble) D.G.Long) – https://www.gbif.org/occurrence/gallery?taxon_key=3720655, but, the leaf margin in this species would be entire, as per Flora-of-China & Flora-of-British-India).

After going through the keys in Flora of Bhutan as available at Embelia and GBIF specimens of Embelia vestita Roxb. and Embelia gamblei Kurz ex C.B.Clarke (E. frondosa (King ex Gamble) D.G.Long), I feel it is more closer to Embelia gamblei Kurz ex C.B.Clarke due to large size of the leaves and clear venation at the abaxial side of the leaf. I observed some serration in the specimens of this at specimen one and two. Also in the posted image, I do not see any serration in one of the leaves.

If I am to follow the KEY in eFI page, I agree with you, Sir, but the leaves in the submitted picture have more tapering apices and base.

Yes, the submitted picture does bear leaves featuring both having “dentate margin” as well as “entire margin”.



References: POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  IPNI  GBIF – one and two (High resolution specimens) Flora of China  FOC illustration  India Biodiversity Portal

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