Sterculia lanceolata var. coccinea (Jack) C. Phengklai, Thai Forest Bull., Bot. 23: 99 1995. (syn: Clompanus coccinea (Jack) Kuntze; Clompanus hamiltonii Kuntze; Clompanus linearis (Korth.) Kuntze; Southwellia coccinea (Jack) Voigt; Sterculia coccinea Jack; Sterculia coccinea Roxb. ex G.Don; Sterculia coccinea var. hamiltonii (Kuntze) Tantra; Sterculia hamiltonii (Kuntze) Adelb.; Sterculia indica Merr.; Sterculia linearis Korth.);
Central Himalaya to W. Malesia: Assam, Bangladesh, Borneo, East Himalaya, Jawa, Laos, Malaya, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam as per POWO;
Common name: Shrub Sterculia, Scarlet Shower • Adi: Tayam • Mizo: Tlingi-leh-ngama-inchhawlthuaina


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Sterculia hamiltonii. Please validate the ID



Malvaceae week:: Sterculia hamiltonii (RD_08):
Sterculia hamiltonii (Kuntze) Adelb.
photographed at Assam

Beautiful Flowers and fruit too.
The flowers suddenly to look at appear to belong to Annonaceae. Do you have any front view of open flower to see the Malvaceae characters?

For showing a sterculia from Assam. Not observed in Maharashtra or may be in other parts of the country too. The pods though are somewhat close to S. villosa



This amazing looking plant was photographed from
Gibbon wildlife sanctuary, Jorhat, Assam.
The leaves appear to be whorled.
Any identification clues?

Sterculia sp. probably S. hamiltonii.

From this drawing: it does look like Sterculia nobilis

The accepted name (acc to theplantlist) is Sterculia monosperma var. monosperma
Syn: Sterculia nobilis

I am still not sure but the plant looks very close to S. hamiltonii too. Unfortunately I could not find any authentic literature for S. hamiltonii on net.
Few days back, … had uploaded a few photos of S. hamiltonii on eflora.
May I request … to pl check the following link before finalizing the ID

Thank you … for being persistent in bringing it up again. There seems to be some confusion in the names Sterculia hamiltonii and Sterculia coccinea – GRIN considers them synonyms of each other, but theplantlist considers the status of these names as unresolved.
Nevertheless pictures of Sterculia coccinea flowers on the web agree with the flowers seen here:
Nature loves you
So, one has to give a more careful look.

Sterculia hamiltonii is a shrub whereas Sterculia nobilis is a tree that can grow up to 15m. The plant in the pictures here, is a shrub.
So I think I would go with Sterculia hamiltonii.



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Verbanaceae member?
Habit: Shrub/Small Tree
Habitat: Hill Slope
Location: LAWACHARA NP, Maulvibazar
Fruiting: June

Is it some Sterculia ??

Yes Sterculia from me too.

It is Sterculia hamiltonii
Here is the small tree like Shrub of this red fruits. The inflorescence is long with whitish flower hanging to ground approach.

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Attaching an image of a road side plant at CoochBehar. Can it be Sterculia purviflora ?

Sterculia hamiltonii ??

Thanks, …, for the id.
Yes, it appears close to images and details at Sterculia hamiltonii
Looks different from Sterculia parviflora Roxb. as per


Attaching a few images of Sterculia indica (Ref. Edible Wild Plants of India).
The diagram and description of the plant matches with the image I uploaded earlier.

There is some mixup. The plant is Sterculia hamiltonii (as suggested by …)
Sorry for the mix up.


Attaching few images of fruits of Sterculia hamiltonii.
I have uploaded images of flowers of this plant in October last year.

Attaching two images of fruits of Sterculia hamiltonii with exposed seeds.

Sterculia hamiltonii left and Sterculia villosa right
A collage of Sterculia hamiltonii and Sterculia villosa seed pods is attached..
You may compare.


Sterculia lanceolata var. coccinea: 2 high res. images.
Sterculia lanceolata var. coccinea
Behali Reserve Forest, Biswanath, Assam, India

POWO gives Sterculia hamiltonii (Kuntze) Adelb. as a syn. of Sterculia lanceolata var. coccinea (Jack) C. Phengklai.
Do you agree ?

Yes I do.


For Identification: 3 images.
Tripura, 20.06.23

Habit- Small tree

I think it is

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