Ficus sarmentosa ?
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Location :  Way to Pokhara, Nepal 

Date : 14 August 2017
Altitude : 2200 ft.

Ficus … ???

Looking like Ficus but doubtful. May be Moraceae member.

Did not match with any other Moraceae listed in Nepal

May be some Ficus.

Tip of the leaf indicate towards Ficus sarmentosa Buch. ex J.E. Smith !

But figs are different as per Ficus sarmentosa

Maybe figs are also OK as they elongate as per images at Ficus sarmentosa Buch. ex J.E. Smith (accepted name)

This has been listed as F. sarmentosa in efi sites but the elevation does not match to F. sarmentosa and figs look different. Could it be Ficus gasparriniana Miq. ?

Ficus gasparriniana is a syn. of Ficus neriifolia as per POWO, from which it looks different as per images at Ficus neriifolia