Viola cinerea Boiss., Diagn. Pl. Orient., ser. 1 1: 7 1843. (syn: Viola behboudiana Rech.f. & Esfand.; Viola makranica Omer & Qaiser);
Iran (S-Iran), Oman (Mascat & Oman, Dhofar), Pakistan (Baluchistan, Sind) as per CoL;

Viola Species : Oman : 13JUL21 : AK-03: 3 images.
Recently I came across a Viola Species posted on FOI.

Although the flowers look close to my images, the plant looks different.
These were seen at the Selma/Salma Plateau in the Hajar Mountains of Oman.
A native plant.
For correct identification.

Seems to be Viola cinerea.

Yes, possible. Pl. post high res. images for confirmation.

Adding high resolution images.
3 high res. images.

Viola cinerea var. stocksii
Viola cinerea var. stocksii

Yes, … you are right.  This is Viola cinerea Boiss. There are few confusions in naming. This species I have noted in arid areas of Gujarat, and also reported here in Flora of Saurashtra (1962) by Father Santapau. Here, I am attaching the original description and one photograph from my earlier collection.
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I think our plant (from India) is Viola cinerea var. stocksii as per images and details herein.
… plant from Oman, appears to be Viola cinerea as per GBIF specimens from Oman– onetwothreefour.

Yes, You are right …, Attached description photograph from Flora of Gujarat State (G. L. Shah, 1978). Viola cinerea mentioned as a Syn.



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