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H.A. Barbhuiya, D. Verma, S. Dey & C.K. Salunkhe

Foreword by: Prof. Mark W. Chase, Royal Botanic Garden, Kew.

This book provides a complete and comprehensive account of the orchid flora of Assam. Based on extensive field survey and herbarium study, the authors have recorded 477 taxa (469 species, 3 subspecies, and 5 varieties) belonging to 107 genera from the ambit of the political boundary of Assam. The systematic account of this guide is prepared according to the latest system of orchid classification. Lucid taxonomic keys and descriptions at various hierarchy levels (e.g. Subfamily > Tribe > Genera > Species > variety) have been provided for easy and precise identification of taxon by avoiding confusion. For each species, taxonomic citation followed by a detailed description, phenology, habitat, regional and global distributional data, and regional conservation status etc. has been provided.

About 350 taxa are illustrated with 700 coloured photographs and 77 Lankester Composite Dissection Plates, specially prepared from the photographs of dissected floral parts. Besides, 150 species are also illustrated with conventional black and white line drawings.

The introductory chapter of this guide deals with the overall morphology of orchids and their growth habits. A general account on Assam is provided to cover physiography, climate, vegetation, and forest types in Assam. Individual chapters are also dedicated to the history of botanical explorations in Assam, various threats to the orchid flora of Assam, their conservation, phytogeography, and endemism.

Hope this guidebook will throw light on diversity, distribution, habitat specificity and rarity of wild orchids of Assam and can be helpful for the students, amateur orchid lovers, foresters, field botanists, conservationists and researchers for authentic identification as well as in formulating any pertinent plan for the conservation of threatened orchids of the state.

Where to buy: This book can be purchased directly from the publisher.

Publisher:  BALIPARA FOUNDATION, 1-A, Nabin Enclave, Near Gitanagar Field, Mother Teresa Road (Zoo – Narengi Road), Guwahati – 781021, Assam, India. For more details, please visit

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Seems a very nice publication. Good attempt, very much useful to botanist biodiversity enthusiasts. Thanks for sharing.

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The book seems interesting. Any idea what is the price? And whether it is available in Mumbai.

INR 3500 !

Congrats to Durgesh ji and Shantanu ji (both of whom have contributed a lot for efloraofindia) and other authors for bringing out such a wonderful book.