Convolvulus rottlerianus Choisy, Convolv. Orient. 95 1834 [Aug 1834]. (syn: Convolvulus gilbertii Sebsebe; Retzia pilosa Rottler ex Choisy);
Ethiopia, Pakistan to W. India as per POWO;
Common name: Rottler Bindweed

Convolvulus stocksii: 9 images- 6 high res.
Savar Kundla, Gujarat
17 08 2021

This should be Convolvulus rottlerianus subsp. rottlerianusdistinguished by its hairy outer sepals. Convolvulus stocksii (Convolvulus rottlerianus subsp. stocksii) has hairless outer sepals.


ubhi shankhavali: 1 image.
location kutch gujarat
date 7/10/2022
local name ubhi shankhavali

Convolvulus rottlerianus Choisy !

Maybe as per images at

These are the keys from Flora of Pakistan:
18 (17)Sepals semi-membranous, glabrous 18 Convolvulus stocksii
+ Sepals tomentose to pilose, not membranous (19)
19 (18) Flowers 4-10, bracts 12 mm long, ovate. Stigma cylindrical. Leaves sub-petiolate, the upper auriculate, lower attenuate 16 Convolvulus glomeratus
+Flowers 1-3, bracts 5-8 mm long, lanceolate to oblanceolate. Stigma filiform. Leaves sessile, attenuate (20)
20 (19) Inner sepals ovate to ovate-lanceolate, acuminate. Style as long as the stigma 14 Convolvulus pilosellifolius
+Inner sepals obovate, caudate. Style 1.5-2 times the length of stigma 17 Convolvulus rottlerianus

Close up details of flowers and sepals will help in deciding the species among these two. Pl. send.
From perusal of specimens at POWO, it appears more closer to Convolvulus rottlerianus subsp. stocksii (Boiss.) J.R.I.Wood & Scotland (POWO specimen) than Convolvulus rottlerianus subsp. rottlerianus (POWO specimen).

Can you post the details? Like close ups of flowers and sepals.

This khadi shankhavali does not have any other place in Gujarat, it is only in Kutch district, Jai Krishna Indraji has given its details in his botanical book kachh svasthan ni vanaspati which is Gujrat Edison.

more picture of Convolvulus rottlerianus
9 images.

But it is reported from Pakistan only as per POWO (Wood, J.R.I., Williams, B.R.M., Mitchell, T.C., Carine, M.A., Harris, D.J. & Scotland, R.W. (2015). A foundation monograph of Convolvulus (Convolvulaceae). PhytoKeys 51: 1-282.).
So I keep it as Convolvulus rottlerianus subsp. rottlerianus only in the absence of close up details.



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