Identification of tree from Eastern Ghats: 1 image.
please help in identifying the Anacardisceae member.
May be Nothopegia.

Place of collection: Mahendragiri hill Gajapati
Altitude: 1300 m amsl
Height of tree: 20 to 25 ft.
Flowering: May and June
Fruiting: August

Yes, it’s Nothopegia only …, Check with N. heyneana,

Yes from me also. Very nice presentation of the plant parts !

What are the species reported from the area?

Sir only one species Nothopegia heyniana. But i doubt this is not heyniana. I have to check with bedomii or recemosa

Yes, these three species appear quite close.
Do you have any keys ? Or could you decide between these three?

Sir thanks a lot. I am working on it. It may be N. racemosa of bedomi

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