Biggest change in efloraofindia:
Biggest change in efloraofindia in past few years is that we are able to crack toughest of ids, where sufficient images and details are provided.
Thanks to our national and international experts, our valued members and moderators and GBIF and greater availability of online resources. Also we leave no stone unturned to get them properly identified.

And thanks to our own database.

Thanks to your untiring efforts of comparing images with online databases.

And …, I have noticed a much bigger change. I am involved with several online identification forums and keep on looking for Google image searches. During the beginning of our group interactions when a very large group of experts was active, our motto was to throw in a suggestion of ID, and within a short time ID would be resolved by so many active members having a look at it. Most of these experts have diversified and are not that active in the group. We need to be more careful now in suggesting an ID, since not only the efloraofindia database but its various threads come up prominently in Google searches. Any wrong or doubtful ID in our forum gets highlighted in Google Image search, as it would stand alone among numerous other images on the screen. Hope these get resolved soon.

Yes, we are striving in that direction. Accuracy of our database is getting better and better, due to the reasons stated earlier as well as due to constant resurfacing and relook at our database along with images on every thread and comparative images. In view of the above, any aberration quickly comes to light and get corrected.

Unfortunately, our large scale efforts in this direction, have derailed for a few years due to migration to new website and consequent formatting issues.
However, it will normalise in next few years, giving us more time in that direction.

Lot of these experts are still there but not active on day to day basis.
However, when we are stuck they always come forward and help in ids on resurfacing.

Yes … Heartening to see … keeping watch on orchids, … on Euphorbiaceae, … on Convolvulaceae and refreshingly … updating Regional names, to mention a few, with … devoting his full time along with … and …

eFI will continue to gain momentum though it had to bear the glitch of migrating to new site (new CMS). Of course, practically all of the brunt was (and is) borne by … to bring back and keeping the database, up to date.

True, that many of the earlier members (including me) are participating lesser in suggesting IDs, typically because of changes that come across their lifestyle and occupation. I am sure – newer members will fill up that activity.
Accuracy of our database, I think, is dependent on what is posted as query. If the post has sufficient and relevant aspects shown, accurate ID is reached sooner or later — even if wrong IDs proposed while reaching accurate ID.
Any post that gets various doubts expressed OR various IDs suggested – they are most often lacking relevant aspects which are needed for reaching accurate ID. This post eventually gets resurfaced and may gather more doubts. When such post surfaces among search results on web, some expert (non eFI) may feel inclined to post their thought while others may dismiss it. I do not think it reflects inaccuracy of eFI database OR would have negative impact on eFI’s credibility. Such scenario “will” be found in any / every forum.