Androsace villosa L., Sp. Pl.: 142 (1753) (syn: Androsace altaica K.Koch; Androsace glabrata (Trautv.) Hand.-Mazz.; Androsace globifera Schur; Androsace odoratissima Schreb.; Androsace penicillata Schott, Nyman & Kotschy; Androsace phrygia Gand.; Aretia helvetica Georgi; Primula altaica (K.Koch) Kuntze; Primula odoratissima (Schreb.) Kuntze);
Europe to Mongolia and NW. Himalaya, Morocco: Afghanistan, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Iran, Italy, Krym, Lebanon-Syria, Mongolia, Morocco, North Caucasus, Pakistan, Romania, South European Russi, Spain, Switzerland, Transcaucasus, Turkey, Ukraine, West Himalaya, Yugoslavia as per POWO;
Common name: Hairy Rock Jasmine

Androsace muscoidea in FOI:
Images by Thingnam ji of Androsace muscoidea in FOI look different from those at Androsace muscoidea Duby and as per Androsace world.

I think you are right that it is not Androsace muscoidea. However, I don’t think it is A. globifera, as the images don’t quite agree, and A. globifera is found in Eastern Himalayas, and not in Ladakh. I think this plant is Androsace villosa. Compare with the images at POWO. I am attaching higher resolution images. The calyx particularly agrees. Compare with images here too:
There is a real confusion over here.
I could not find Androsace villosa, though distribution is given in POWO and CoL.
Flora of Pakistan gives Androsace robusta ssp. robusta (Androsace jacquemontii var. robusta (R.Knuth) Govaerts in POWO). It says:
The ssp. robusta differs from the European Androsace villosa in its robust habit and with larger plant parts. ……………….. 
The species Androsace robusta has also been confused with and included in Androsace muscoidea by several authors (Handel-Mazzetti 1927, p. 163 and Gould 1982). The two taxa are quite distinct not only morphologically but also occupy to a greater extent different areas.
Also see A.villosa and A.robusta in Androsace World.
Here are keys from Flora of Pakistan:
18 (17) Leaf rosettes 3-6 mm broad, globose. Leaves ± incurved, 2.1-4.5 x 1.1-1.5 mm. Scape up to 8 mm long, 1-2-flowered 16 Androsace muscoidea
+ Leaf rosettes loose or if globose then 4-14 mm broad. Leaves not incurved, 3-11 x 1-2.8 mm. Scape (5-) 7-90 mm long, 3-12-flowered (19)
19 (18) Plants robust. Leaves densely appressed villous, cinerascent green or silky white (20)
+ Plants of a ± slender habit. Leaves sub-glabrous to pubescent-villous, but not densely so (21)
20 (19) Rhizome woody, c. 4.5 mm thick. Scape up to 10 mm long. Seed with a prominent hilum scar 11 Androsace villosissima
+ Rhizome and seed not as above. Scape 40-95 mm 10 Androsace robusta
After going through all this I am also leaning towards Androsace villosa.




Androsace-1 in Chamoli district of Garhwal : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
In addition I am also attaching two more images (Androsace-1 and …) for your comments on the ID. Androsace-1 was photographed at an elevation of 4800m in Chamoli district of Garhwal in first week of September and it was close to a ridge top on steep slope

Other than confirming that this is not Androsace mucronifolia, I cannot meaningfully comment further.
I need, at some point, to take a further close look at the genus in the Himalaya, so can add to what I have had to say so far.
This is not something which can be accomplished quickly. There are SO many genera in the Himalaya in need of further study and revision.
Hopefully members will be able to get up into different parts of the Himalaya during 2017 to take more good quality close-up photos of various Androsaces including petals, sepals, foliage, habit and habitat to improve reference material.

Yellow flowers suggest A. flavescens, but not other characters especially long ciliate leaves

Isn’t this already included in the list as Androsace globifera Duby which seems to be correct ID.

I feel this is Androsace villosa as per Primula World image and images at FOI and POWO.




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